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What People Ask Regarding House Painting

As a house painter in Santa Barbara, when I meet with customers these are the questions that I get ask more frequently.

How much is a deposit for a painting contractor?

The law in California is that a painting contractor can only ask for 10% of the total cost for the work or $1,000 whichever amount is less.

Are hiring painters expensive?

The cost to hire a painting company near your city varies. The 3 main factors that determined the price is: First, the reputation and quality of the painting company. Second, the time of the year or season you hired the painting contractor. And finally, the area or city where you need the work to be done.

What type of prepping work would be done? For the most part on quality paint jobs most of the labor is spent on the prepping work. For example, removing stains, cracks, caulking, patching, sanding surfaces, or repairing stucco walls or drywall, etc. Some house painters, however, offer more intensive prep work than other and some do not offer any preparation work at all. That's why, it’s important to find out what a painter will do and not do before hiring, and if the painting contractor does offer detail prepping, is it an extra charge?

3 Things to know before you hire a house painter?

Make sure the painter has an active contractor state license, and that he is insured. Check his reputation by asking for references from recent completed jobs and check for online reviews. Last, before hiring the painting contractor, get a sign contract that states that the painter agrees to complete the work for the total dollar amount.

In the end, it’s more important for you to use your instinct and intuition when it comes to hiring the right painting contractor. If you set up a free quote and felt as though you really hit it off with the painter, follow your feelings. Of course, some painters are just trying to sell to you. But if you come across a good painter who shows that they really care about helping you on your painting project and home transformation, then you know you’ve the right painting company. That honesty and going that extra mile are hard to find. In addition, if they have the experience to provide you with quality painting that is going to add a fresh look to your home, even better!

If you need more information regarding how? & what to do? before the start of your painting project give us a ring or send us a message on the comment section, and we can help you or recommend a good painter in your area.


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