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Santa Barbara Epoxy Floor Painters

garage floor painting Santa Barbara

Epoxy Flooring Painters In Santa Barbara 

Two part epoxy paint is no ordinary house paint. The epoxy coat consists of special chemicals, polymers and binders which results in a tough and durable finish that can resist hard abuse and it's a great waterproofing coating. Talk to us if you are interested or need epoxy floor painting in Santa Barbara or nearby. We are happy to provide you with an epoxy floor painting estimate.

Goleta epoxy painters

Santa Barbara Epoxy Floor Painting Services

Transform your floor space with epoxy painting with the help of Rainbow Custom Painting of Santa Barbara. We provide a wide range of two part epoxy paint and clear coats for your garage floor, business or any place that you need a superior durable and chemical resistance coating. We are an experience epoxy flooring contractor in Santa Barbara and Goleta that is ready to enhance your concrete floors. Contact us for more information on our epoxy concrete floor painting services near you. 

Santa Barbara Epoxy Painting Services. This are the steps for a beautiful epoxy painting job.
  • concrete pressure washing
  • etching concrete for a strong adhesion
  • floor cracks get patched with a flexible concrete patching material
  • the concrete gets sanded down
  • a 2-part epoxy color coat is applied
  • decorative chips can be applied as an option
  • 2 coats of a 2-part clear topcoat is applied.
Garage epoxy flooring contractor Montecito, CA

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Epoxy Painters In Santa Barbara 

We provide epoxy flooring painting in the cities of Goleta, Carpinteria, Montecito, Camarillo and Ventura. If you are in one of this cities and need epoxy painting please contact us by text, phone or email and we'll be happy to help you. 

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