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 House Painting FAQ

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In this page we'll try to answer some of the most common questions we receive from homeowners in Santa Barbara looking for a local painting company. But if you need more information please contact us and we can go into more detail regarding your  questions. 

Your Painting Questions And Answers From A House Painter

Question: Is the painting company open during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Answer: Yes. Our hours will remain the same during the Coronavirus outbreak. We'll do everything in our power to keep our clients and employees safe.


Question: How do I dispose of old paint cans?

Answer: Read this article to learn more on this topic.


Question: What's better, water based paints or oil base?

Answer: Both water base and oil paints have their pros and cons. But for the most part water based paints are better than their rival oil based paints. The reason is that the technology in chemical engineering keeps getting better when it comes to developing water based paints. On the other hand, ingredients and components that made oil based paints great are no longer part of the modern oil base paint chemical formula due to strict environment and health regulations.

Question: Does this company do small paint jobs?

Answer: Yes we do. Small jobs help us to fill time between other jobs. And are great for referrals.

Question: Does paint and primer in one work?

Answer: No. If you examine the data sheet of "self priming paints" you will find out that basically is just a version of thick high build paint. But in some cases using a paint and primer in one is fine. But for the most part this products don't perform as well as using a specialty primer follow by two coats of premium finish paint. Yes, paint-primer in one due save time and money if you don't mind having and inferior coating.  

Question: What's the best option for protecting wood, spar varnish or polyurethane?

Answer: Both, if use correctly. Polyurethane is durable and abrasion resistant. But lacks flexibility and UV protection. On the other hand, spar varnish is flexible and great against UV damage. For example, polyurethane is great for tables and wood flooring. And spar varnish is better for exterior woodwork.

Question: Can exterior paint be used inside?

Answer: No. Exterior paints are made for the paint film to expand and contract constantly during the lifespan of the paint finish. When use inside if is not flexing continuously, the pant film can crack. Also the high volume of acrylic, fungicides, and UV protective additives can be unhealthy in interior close areas. But paints that are for exterior and interior are fine to use inside.

Question: When you do cabinet refinishing work, do you take the cabinets to a shop to work on them.

Answer: Yes. We have a workshop where we do cabinet refinishing work that can't be done at the job site.

Question: Does this company do decorative painting?

Answer: Specialty painting is one of our expertise, so yes. We do faux painting, Venetian plaster, wood-grain faux, faux marble. For more information on our decorative painting work visit

Question: Do you help with color selection?

Answer: Yes. On all painting jobs we provide 3 free paint samples and we also give our  input on color selection and different levels of sheen. Also we work with interior designers in the Santa Barbara area so we can recommend one if you need more than just color selection.

Questions: How to find good house painters near me?

Answer: Ask homeowners that had home improvement done recently. And of course look online for local painting companies with good reviews.

Question: Do you do garage floor painting?

Yes. Painting a garage floors with decorative paint chips is a trend right now. We provide different garage floor coating services. In the picture

on the right is one of our painters applying Rust-Oleum epoxy paint to a

garage floor in  Santa Barbara. Click here for more information in

garage floor painting near your city.

Question: Does the company installed wallpaper?

No, but wallpaper removal is something that we do.                                                                                                                        We know good wallpaper hangers in Santa Barbara that we can recommend.

Question: Does the company do Stucco and Plastering work?

Rainbow Custom Painting and Stucco does offer small stucco and plastering


Question: Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. We accept debit and credit cards as payments.

Question: Is the company hiring.

Yes. The company is always hiring. Call to get more info regarding employment opportunities.

Question: Do you use Farrow & Ball paint?

Yes, we have experience using Farrow and Ball paint colors.

Question: Do you provide commercial and industrial painting services?

Yes. We are a residential and commercial painting company in Santa Barbara.

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