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Santa Barbara Wallpaper Removal Services

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Wallpaper Stripping In Santa Barbara & Ventura

Why should you hire a wallpaper removal contractor? There's some reasons why is better to have a professional wallpaper removal near you do the job. The process is tedious, messy and it can be frustrated. The pros at Rainbow Custom Painting have the experiences to do a fast clean job in removing that old ugly wallpaper. The wallpaper removing company provides services in the cities of Santa Barbara, Goleta, Montecito, Camarillo, and Ventura. 

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FAQ Regarding Wallpaper?

  • Can you paint over existing wallpaper? The answer is yes, but is not recommended for the following reasons: Texture-patterns on the wallpaper and the seams can telegraph through the paint finish. Also the water from water-based paints can loosen the wallpaper or the moisture can create air bubbles on the wallpaper.  

  • What's better installing wallpaper or painting? Both options have their benefits. With wallpaper you can add a lot of character to a room and painted walls are much easier to maintain.

  • Do you installed wallpaper? We don't. We are a painting company and wallpaper removal or stripping is sometimes part of the prepping for painting walls. But we do work with a few Santa Barbara local wallpaper installers that we can recommend you.

This is our processes when we remove wallpaper for customers​ in Santa Barbara, Goleta and Camarillo

  1. The furniture gets moved and cover with plastic. The floor gets protected with rosing paper and plastic. 

  2. The wallpaper gets removed using a 2 part solution or by steaming the wallpaper. 

  3. Once the wallpaper and the glue is removed the walls get prep and receive a coat of primer. 

  4. After the primer the walls are ready for new wallpaper or for painting.

Interior Painting By Rainbow Custom Pain

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Santa Barbara & Montecito Wallpaper Removal
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