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Santa Barbara Interior Painting Services

Santa Barbara Painting Contractor
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  • wall & ceiling painting
  • trim painting 
  • interior wood staining
  • cabinet painting & staining
  • drywall patching and repairs
  • wall paper removal
  • Faux painting finishes
  • Venetian Plasetering Services
  • ceiling popcorn removal
  • interior color consulting
  • garage floor painting 

Interior House Painters In Santa Barbara & Camarillo, CA

The interior painting of a house or building can transform it from mundane to inspiring. And it can raise the value of your property. Having the right painting company should make any interior painting project go smoothly and mistake free.


Like always, excellent preparation is very important in every paint job including interior painting. Choosing a color or color combination is a personal thing. Taking in to account your interior design style, your home aesthetics, lighting, and your own taste. A good painting contractor should make the interior painting process easy and fun for the customer. The color scheme for interior rooms should be a fun and exciting experience. Start by looking for an object with colors that you really like, such a rug, pillow or painting, that can serve as your inspiration piece. Then you can pick one of those colors to use for the walls or trim.


While having the perfect color is very important, the sheen can make quite an impact on the overall look of the interior painting of a home too. Again, a good interior house painter should be able to guide a homeowner on this decision. A flat finish color does not reflect light, giving it the ability to hide imperfections on the surface, and are easy to touch-up. Colors with a satin or eggshell sheen, are very versatile, durable and scrubbable finish that offers a subtle shine and can be used almost anywhere in a home. Semi-gloss and high-gloss paints, are ideal for kitchen, bathrooms, and kid's rooms. The semi and high gloss sheen's are very scrubbable and durable paints with a higher level of shine; the tight film offers great mildew resistance, excellent stain resistance. So call Rainbow Custom Painting of Santa Barbara for a free interior painting quote.

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