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 Venetian Plaster Montecito & Santa Barbara

Rainbow Custom Painting and Plastering offers decorative plastering applications like Venetian plaster, Marmorino polished plaster, and lime-painting work. The areas that we offered this specialty-application service are Montecito, Thousand Oaks, Malibu, Calabasas, and Santa Barbara. Please contact us if you are interested in one of this specialty-finishes or if you have any questions?

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Lime-washed paint

"Lime-paint" is not paint. It is liquid stone with the consistency of paint. 


Venetian Plastering

The classic Venetian plaster application renders a marble look when it is polished.

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Marmorino plaster

Marmorino plaster  has a stone affect and it's a durable finish.

The Benefits of Having Venetian Plaster In Your Home

Adds value to the property, adding a decorative plaster finish to the interior décor of a home can actually add value to the property. It regulates humidity thus helps with mildew and mold prevention. Since the plaster is lime-plaster it absorbs CO2 (carbon dioxide) as part of its curing process. It is an odorless environment safe wall coating. 

Durability, Venetian plasters are durable long lasting. It can be applied on almost any surface and required minimum maintenance if sealed.


Aesthetics, aesthetically there is no other wall-coating that can beat the elegant characteristics of polished plaster or lime-painting on the interior of a house décor. Also some of this mineral plaster coatings can be applied on exteriors. If you need an applicator of Venetian plaster in Santa Barbara area, call us for an estimate.

Cities that we provide Venetian plaster services:
Santa Barbara |Hope Ranch |Montecito | Goleta Carpinteria Solvang Buellton Santa Ynez

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