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Stucco & Plastering Services In Santa Barbara

In addition to our painting services we offer small plastering and stucco work in Santa Barbara. We do not have the manpower to take on big plastering jobs, but we definitely can handle small sizes stucco and plastering jobs or stucco repairs. 

What Is Stucco and Plaster?

Stucco and plaster are a mixture of cement, sand and water.  Modern stucco is a portland cement base coating. On the other hand plaster is a gypsum base product that is use for interior applications. The benefits of stucco is that it is a durable, attractive, and fungus and rot resistance. The downside of stucco are the cracks that occur on the surface.

How to repair and maintain plaster and  stucco in your Santa Barbara home?

Sooner or later the stucco or plaster in home will start showing signs of age. Cracks and decay start happening , and mildew and dust start building up on the stucco and plaster. To fix this problem there is a few ways of doing this. But the two common ways is to re-stucco or re-plastering and painting the old stucco . Whichever way you want to fix this problem our painting and plastering company in Santa Barbara can help you. Please call us to get more information on our method that we use to fix and repair old stucco and plaster.

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