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Santa Barbara Wood Staining Services

Wood staining by Rainbow Custom Painting
Painters staining interior trim in Montecito, CA

Santa Barbara Wood Staining And Refinishing

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Wood Staining & Finishers In  Santa Barbara, CA 

Rainbow Custom Painting has a lot of knowledge and experience in wood staining work.

Wood staining is a finish that brings out the beauty of the wood by highlighting the soft and hard areas of the wood grain. Also, importantly wood staining is a form of a sealer on wood to protected from the elements and the sun.

In addition from staining, is recommended to apply 2 or 3 coats of a clear finish over the stain for protection. A clear coat finish can be a lacquer, polyurethane, varnish, or a wax. For example stained cabinets, stained counter tops, stained furniture, and stained trim need to have a clear coat finish for additional protection from water and abuse. Since this types of woodwork tent to get a lot of abuse. There are some exceptions when a clear coat is not need it over a color stain surface, for example stained tongue & grove ceilings, stained wood beams, stained decks, and stained siding. Call Rainbow Custom Painting of Santa Barbara for additional information or help with your wood staining project.






Also, there is many different types of woods, soft woods like red wood, and hard woods like oak wood. The soft and hard woods will stain differently. Soft  woods are less dense and will absorbed the stain material more deeply at a higher rate making the wood darker. And there is less open time to apply the stain on soft woods. On the other hand, hard woods with dense and tight wood fivers will absorbed the stain product less, given it a translucent finish. Thus, all woods are not created equal, then that goes the same for different stain applications. Furthermore, just like there is different kinds of woods, there is different types of stain products. There are gel stains, liquid stains, stains mix with a clear finish, just to name a few. So for your wood staining work you need an experience painting contractor like Rainbow Custom Painting, that knows which stains to use accordingly the wood that is to be stained. And the right application technique to achieve a specific stain finish. Like soft even stain finishes, rustic wood stain finishes, and much more.


Rainbow Custom Painting of Santa Barbara Is Your First Choice For Your Wood Staining Project

We also provide wood deck staining and refinishing in Santa Barbara.

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