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Santa Barbara Commercial Painting Co.

Rainbow Custom Painting is an industrial and commercial painting company in Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Goleta. This are the services that we provide:

· Commercial building and offices


· Retail stores and shopping businesses

· Communication buildings

· Apartments

· Restaurants

· Parking garages

· Schools and educations institutions

· Industrial painting services

· Municipal and government painting services

The industrial painting company specializes in applications of high-performance industrial coating systems and specialty surface preparation of a variety of substrates such as galvanized, steel, aluminum, masonry, wood, stucco, and concrete.

If you need industrial painting or have a commercial property in need of professional painting services, contact us. We’ll provide a clear and timely estimate and get the job done ASAP. We also provide prevailing wages painting proposals. If you need one of these painting services, please contact us for a consultation


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