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House Paint Additives

As a professional house painter in Santa Barbara, there are times when plain paint is not enough, so this is when the help of paint additives can come in handy to achieve the desire painting coating or finish. Paint additives are chemicals, liquids or solids like sand and powder, that are added and mix to the paint to help achieve a specific characteristic or aid the performance of the paint. House-paint additives can do many things, from reducing the dry time to accelerating the dry time, also they can help to soften brush marks and much more. Here is a list of some of the most popular paint additives and their different functions.

· Paint thinners are perhaps the most used of all the additives. These thinners come in an oil-base and water-base form. The oil base form is to be use with oil base paints and the water form is to be used with water base paints. The oil base thinner is a solvent know as Mineral Spirits and the water base paint thinners are XIM (flow and leveling) and Floetrol. These thinner enhances the qualities of the paint for a smoother finish of free of brush marks and adds to the open time to work the paint by slowing down the set time. Also, small amount of water can be used as thinner for water base paints.

· Sand or powders are solid additives for paint they help achieve a specialty coating. Anti-skid sand is a specialty sand that can be added to floor paint for an anti-slip floor paint. Anti-Slip floor paint can be used on many different surfaces such as decks, walkways, ramps and industrial floorings. Paint hardener sand is a type of sand that when mix with paint it absorbs the paint and turns into a solid withing minutes, for a quick easy and safe clean up and disposal of all latex and acrylic paints. Texture sand for paint is mix with paint to create different types of textures on walls and ceilings.

· Mildewcide and mold additives help prevent the growth of fungus on the dried paint film. It’s recommended to use these types of additives in paint when painting a bathroom or on exterior homes that don’t get a lot of sun light.

· Odor blocking paint additive is a scent additive for paint. It allows you to add a refreshing fragrance to interior painting projects. Ceilings and walls are the large surfaces areas in your home and with the help of odor or scent paint additives they can smell as good as they look. The pleasant fresh scent that the additive in the dry paint produces can lasts for 2 to 4 months depending on environmental conditions of the rooms or areas.

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