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Painting Contractors Affected By The Shipping Slowdown At The Ports

Businesses are having a hard time selling their products or providing their services to customers all across the country, and the Covid-19 pandemic is not all to blame for this commerce crisis. As it turns out there's a shipping crisis at the ports. Cargo ships are having to wait at sea because there is no room at the ports to unload the goods that are needed by businesses.

The pandemic induce a buying boom, systemic problems, also regulations on the port and on truck drivers are the main reason for the delays at the ports in different parts of the country. Now service businesses like mine, painting companies, are having a hard time in getting materials and tools needed to provide painting services. If there is no tools or painting materials on the store shelves but instead are stuck in a container on a ship on the ocean, well that is not going to help in starting or completing that painting project.

Although there is not a lot that painting companies can do to make the satiation better, planning ahead and not over scheduling could help alleviate with some of the headaches that the slowdown at the ports had cause businesses.


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