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California Drought And The Construction Industry

California is in a drought again, and state officials are telling residents to do their part by doing less loads of laundry, water plants less days per week and take shorter showers to help conserve water. But at the same time, California elected leaders are pledging to come up with an answer for the housing crisis by bumping up construction for new homes that are need it to help with the state housing shortage. So how is this severed drought going to affect the construction industry in California?

According to experts there is enough water to continue with high construction demand, as long as the trend by the papulation to be more efficient with water usage continues. Furthermore, new homes tend to be build to be water usage friendly. Changes that continue to free up water supplies can be seen in new residential developments, including water-efficient faucets, toilets, appliances and showers. New wastewater recycling plants increase the water supply. Lawns are getting replaced with native plants gardens. Santa Barbara painting contractor Richard Negrete, owner of Rainbow Custom Painting says "Our painting company is doing its part when it comes to conserving water during this drought. We are being more efficient when it comes to pressure washing at the start of an exterior painting job, the same when washing brushes and daily clean up on a job site."

The reality is that no one really knows how this dynamics of not enough water and high demand for new housing is going to playout. The best thing that contractors and homeowners can do is to do their part and hope that Sacramento can come up with thoughtful water regulations while at the same time keeping new home construction momentum going. Easier said than done?


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