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The Benefits Of Fire Retardant Paint Coatings

Fire resistance paint coatings is a must for homes or buildings situated in a high-risk fire zone like California. Fire season is here, learn how to protect your property from fire with fire protection paint. When applied correctly and on the right surfaces these fireproof coatings act as a defense against the fire. It can be very beneficiary to you and your property to learn abut these fire retardant coatings.

What is fireproof paint or primer?

Noncombustible chemicals are part of the raw materials in fire-protective liquid coatings (house paint or primer). This specialty coatings come in 2 forms, intumescent paints and fire-retardants. Intumescent coatings act as a protective layer or barrier that slows down the speed and damage of the fire in a house or building. And a fire retardants paints releases gasses when it gets hot. When fire retardant paint is applied to a particular substrate, the paint layer protects the fuel part of the fire triangle. Fire retardant paint reacts to extreme heat by releasing a flame moistening gas and it slows down the spread of the fire.

Reasons to use fire barrier paint coatings?

These specialty coatings help in protecting property and most importantly can save lives. In addition, it can save you money by lowering your home insurance premium and they add value to your home. Also, these fireproof paints aesthetically are no different than conventional house paints.

How to use fire resistance paint coatings?

The application of these fire retardant and intumescent paints are the same as conventional house paint. They can be sprayed, rolled and brushed. But for reassurance that the applications and the right coating system is being use for a better result, a painting contractor with experience in working with these specialty fireproof paints is recommended.

Intumescent painting contractor near you

With recent history with wildfires, Santa Barbara homeowners are well aware of the dangers and damage that wildfires can cause. If you are interested in learning more about getting your home or building protected with a fireproof paint coating, contact the pros at Rainbow Custom Painting for a consultation, the company offers fireproofing painting services.

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