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What Is Epoxy Paint?

Applying 2 part epoxy paint on garage concrete floor

What is epoxy paint or epoxy coating?

Since I'm a painting contractor I've done my share of epoxy painting jobs in the Santa Barbara area so I'm familiar and experience with 2-part epoxy coating systems. But if you're not a professional painting contractor, the term and material can seem rather strange, it's not your ordinary house paint. For simplification on this article we are going to call it "epoxy coating", since epoxy can be a clear coat or be use as paint. This epoxy coating consists of special chemical polymers which create a tough and durable finish that is resistant to water, alkali solutions such as bleach, and different acids. Two-part epoxy coatings consists of two parts. The first part is and epoxy paste that is combined with a hardener. Excellent results can come from epoxy systems if done right on commercial and residential jobs by an epoxy flooring contractor.

Surfaces where epoxy can be use

Epoxy systems can be applied on various surfaces, the most popular being garage floors because it is used to cover the concrete floor to prevent the buildup of dust and to prevent the concrete from being stained by oil or chemicals by allowing easy cleanup. Epoxy is also applied to countertops which can be manipulated to look like stone. Is also great for metals such as brass copper, aluminum, and iron can be coated with epoxy. It can also be use in walls and ceilings of commercial buildings.

Pros and cons of epoxy coatings

Coating surfaces or substrates with epoxy can bring significant benefits The most important being that it not only keeps surfaces durable but it is also a form of waterproofing because of its chemical bond. It's why commercial and house painters recommended as a finish to protect floors from scratches or stains. Many pet owners find it useful to add an epoxy paint coat on their wooden floors to protected from cat or dog nails. Corrosion occurs in various warm or humid environments and leads to damaged, rusted metals. A way to protect them is by using an epoxy coating system for metals. Though epoxy paint has excellent benefits it has its cons too. Epoxy color selection can be limited and usually the finish is a high-gloss sheen this can affect the aesthetics.This coating systems come with a high price tag on the materials. Two part epoxy is hard to apply and toxic to work with if your are unfamiliar with this products.

Epoxy flooring contractor

Working with epoxy coatings is not a DIY for homeowners. Do to epoxy toxicity, it is best to have a professional epoxy painter do the job, since they have the proper tools and ventilation equipment to handle this type of custom epoxy finishes. An epoxy coat can be hard to apply to surfaces, especially to vertical surfaces. An expert on epoxy coatings knows how to use various tools needed for a professional application, many of which cost hundreds of dollars. A good painting contractor has a lot of experience applying the epoxy paint which requires skills and expertise on multiple steps which have to be executed in a timely manner. Since the price of epoxy for large jobs tends to run high, it's better to get the job done well the first time by an epoxy painting company. If you are in the Camarillo, Santa Ynez, or Santa Barbara area and need epoxy painting? Contact us so we can help you on your epoxy job.

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