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Painters In Ventura, CA

Ventura and Camarillo House Painters

Having reliable solid painters is one of the keys to a reputable painting company, and Rainbow Custom Painting is a company with nothing but quality house painters doing beautiful work in the Ventura and Santa Barbara area. Rainbow Custom Painting is a midsize painting company because we believe in quality personnel not in quantity painters. We only employ quality people who are expert painters. Apart from our painter's workmanship, they are ethical and respectful of your property and you.

santa barbara painter painting cabinets
Rainbow Custom Painting of Santa Barbara painter
House painter painting window trim

Ventura, CA Painters 

Rainbow Custom Painting of Santa Barbara is a company with great painters with many years of experience. Meet our senior painters who work hard from Monday to Friday and what they do when they are not painting.

Mario is a painter and associate painting contractor. He has 17 years of experience as a painter. Mario has been with the company from the beginning. Mario soon will have his own painting company in Santa Barbara. And Rainbow Custom Painting will be teaming up with his painting company on some future projects. When Mario is not painting he is playing in racket ball tournament.

David is a proud Rainbow Custom painter. David has 17 years as a professional painter in Santa Barbara. When David is not painting he is surfing and teaching his daughters how to surf.

Richard is a painter and owner of Rainbow Custom Painting of Santa Barbara. When Richard is not wearing his painter hat and running his business, he is spending time with his family and doing one of the many hobbies that he loves to do like: road biking or maybe in the beach buggy boarding, exercising, or working on an art project. 

Nick is one of the company decorative painters and specialty paint finisher. Nicks artistic background is perfect for doing decorative paint finishes. Also Nick has experience in decorative plaster work. And when Nick is not working for the company he is working on his own paintings and selling them.

Javier was the first painter hired with the company. He is been with us since 2005 when Rainbow Custom Painting was established. Just like the company has grown, he has also grown as good all around painter.

Alejandro has been part of the team since 2008. He has 16 years of experience as a painter in Ventura and Santa Barbara. Alejandro is in charge of running the painting projects in the Ventura area....And there is more to come of the rest of our team of pro painters in Santa Barbara.

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