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Montecito CA Cabinet Refinishing

Montecito Cabinet Painting & Staining Experts

Why hire Rainbow Custom Painting of Santa Barbara  for your cabinet refinishing work in Montecito? Because it offers superior cabinet finishes. 


What is cabinet refinishing? Cabinet refinishing means that you keep all components of existing cabinets and simply altering the paint or stain color. Via sanding or chemically stripping the existing coatings, then applying new paint, stain or just a clear coat for a natural look of the cabinet wood.

A good cabinet paint or stain job should be a combination of aesthetics and a tough durable coat finish. In other words, a good painter when refinishing cabinets,  the goal should be to get a durable smooth factory finish like. Is not easy to achieve this type of high level of paint or stain finish. For this type of delicate work, only an experience cabinet painters-finishers can do this level of cabinet refinishing work. And yes, Rainbow Custom Painting of Santa Barbara is one of those really good experience painting contractors that has the knowledge in staining, painting, and clear coating cabinets to that factory finish like. We also provide furniture restoration services.

How We Do Quality Cabinetry Finishes For Montecito Residents

For cabinet refinishing in Montecito, homeowners trust Rainbow Custom Painting of Santa Barbara & Montecito, because their experts cabinet painters know their craft. There is a lot of steps involved in refinishing cabinets. And Rainbow Custom Painting has the experience in high end custom cabinet finishes. Some of the steps are knowing how to use the right spraying equipment for different types of coatings. Understanding the temperature on when to spray and how to use the weather to dry the wet finish on the cabinets and when not to apply different coating finishes do to the weather. Another step is how to control a dust free environment when applying the finish specially the final coat. There is more involved but this is just a few of the very delicate and crucial steps for cabinet refinishing. That's why you need to call Rainbow Custom painting of Santa Barbara for your next kitchen cabinet paint job.


We Offer Great Prices For High End Cabinet Refinishing

It is more cost effective to have your kitchen cabinets refinish than to buy new ones. But only if you have the right cabinet painters doing the work like Rainbow Custom Painting of Montecito. Otherwise you will be throwing your money away on an inferior paint job, thus, you are just better of paying more for new cabinets. That's why it is really important that you contract an experience painting contractor like Rainbow Custom Painting of Santa Barbara. Our many years of experience and expertise in cabinet refinishing in Montecito CA give us the advantage in providing great work at affordable rates.


Richard Negrete the owner and painting contractor, is a master cabinet finisher. And has been painting cabinets, staining cabinets, and decorative faux glazing cabinets in Montecito for 17 years. 


If your kitchen cabinets are painted and you are bored of that look or they just simply need to get refinish, let us stain your cabinets. If your cabinets are new, old, or painted they can also be stain.


Do you have quality cabinets that are old and need some TLC. Then don't get rid of them and spent a lot of money buying new ones. Instead restore your cabinets and save money.


If you really want to make a statement in your kitchen, having your cabinet decorative faux glaze is the way to add character and personality


If your cabinets are old and need to be refresh, then painting them is the solution.  Also new cabinets that are unfinish can be painted to a factory finish-look.


If your piece of furniture has nicks, scratches or dents, you can count on our expertise when it comes to furniture restoration. 

cabinet refinishing in 722 San Pascual St, Apt B, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Cabinet Refinishing In Montecito And Santa Barbara 

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Cabinet Refinishing by Rainbow Custom Painting of Santa Barbara
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