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How To Hire The Right Painter

So is time to hire a painting contractor again. So many painting companies out there, but only a few good ones. And you don't want to make the same mistake as last time when you hired that unprofessional painting contractor who gave you nothing but headaches and a horrible paint job. This are 3 steps to fallow before rewarding your painting work to a painter.

First, make sure the contractor(s) is state license and check the license with the state board to make sure there's no complaints or other issues. Also check with other local agencies like the BBB or Yelp for more information regarding the painting contractor. Also if you can do a criminal background check on the person holding the license. You'll be surprised of some of this so called "professional painting contractors". When you bring workers to your home, you should be at ease knowing that you have good people working in your property. Remember checking a contractor's license is different from checking the background of the contractor.

Second, make sure that they are good craftsman at their trade. It's important not to confuse or equate a clean license record with good painting craftsmanship, I've seen good ethical painting contractors who are simply just bad painters, and rally good painting contractors with horrible work ethics. To get information on their quality of their work, ask for current letters of recommendation and make sure that you can be able to contact the customer that wrote the recommendation. Look for reviews online, and ask to see the work that they are currently working on. Finally ask many question about the different process of the work that you already know the answer to. Just to make sure that they know their stuff.

And lastly, you need to get at least 3 quotes. For the most part 3 to 5 painting estimates is more than enough. For the sake of the argument let's say that you receive 5 painting quotes from good reliable local painters, but the prices for the same work are all over. One quote is really cheap. Another one is rediculous high on the price. And the other 3 are more or less the same. As tempting as you are to want to go with the cheapest quote, you need to disregard the low quote. And this is why. A good reputable painting contractor has a good reputation because they do good work and customer service, right? But once in a while even a good painting contractor can be off when estimating a job. And if he gets the job at that low price the contractor will do the work but he needs to make a profit somehow. But how, if the price is too low? Most likely the quality of the work will have to be comprimise and the quality of the materials as well, to be able to make some profit. That's why as a homeowner you should never go for a really cheap quote if it's way off compare to other prices for the same work. Unless you don't mind an inferior paint job. And of course you do not bother with the very expensive painting quote. And that leaves you with the other 3 quotes that are close in the price. At this point is a matter of what you really want? Do you want to save money on your paint job, or do you rather get the best paint job headache-free for a fair price? If you want to save money, go with the lowest of the 3 quotes. And if you want a good experience with the painting contracotor and quality work, then do a follow up with the 3 contractors. Ask more specific questions regarding the work, materials, and complition time. Try to get a feel for the 3 contractors and see wich one you think it will be easy to deal with and get along with. Once you get good feel for the contractors make your choice and reward your painting project.

So good luck on your next painting project, and let me know how it went.

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